Are there any online retailers, hopefully including gift card sellers, that support BCH 0-conf payments on their store and would like to use this opportunity to reach out to prospective customers?

The reason I open this thread is because some BTC users still believe that 0-conf is easily exploitable (despite people having run $1000 challenges on this sub which were never successfully exploited).

While 0-conf was never really easily exploitable on BCH, due to merchants offering it taking the necessary precautions like monitoring the network for fraud attempts. there are improvements since then!

What's changed since the old days is that it is becoming easier to support 0-conf for instant payments that are accepted after a few seconds, because if a payment is double spent then a Double Spend Proof is issued on the network, and merchant nodes can pick up this information and refuse the order. Such Double Spend Proof support is increasing in various infrastructure projects (libraries, SPV servers, wallets etc)

p.s. I'd be happy to chip in on a crowd-funded bounty for a reputable shop to offer a new challenge to exploit 0-conf on BCH.

Payment processors like support payment using 0-conf.

So does the CryptoWoo plugin for the popular WooCommerce platform.

In the past, BitPay definitely accepted 0-conf as well, I think it was up to the merchant but BitPay had a monitoring system to provide a safety level for 0-conf (back when Double Spend Proofs were not yet available on BCH).

Some shops have in the past implemented their own 0-conf supporting payment solutions (e.g. (EDIT: correction: Keys4Coins was always using CryptoWoo, not a custom solution)

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