like, i get that “satoshi” is homage to bitcoin’s creator (even though that probably isn’t their name), but it just doesn’t feel like it fits well. “bitcoin” is such a beautiful, logical, and ingenious name thats rolls of the tongue (as i would expect from the genius that invented and named it) but “satoshi” just isn’t and doesn’t—especially when pronouncing it “sats”. i always felt like “bits” made perfect sense: a bitcoin is a coin made up of bits, and 100 million bits make up a bitcoin—bits and coins, digits and money, together in perfect harmony. it sounds like something straight out of a videogame too: “that coffee will be 10,000 bits.” versus “that coffee will be 10,000 sats.” and if you divide further, you get millibits and mbits, which is still easy to say and still sounds cool, versus millisatoshi and msats. i saw that apparently “bits” was proposed for a unit of 100 sats, but that’s just unnecessarily complicated; in america we use dollar whether its $1 or $100 or $1 billion and it works just fine. im sure it’s a losing battle but the word “satoshi” just sucks aesthetically and linguistically and i hate it.

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