Hey. This community rocks. Not long ago I came here in a scavenger hunt of what happened when BCH forked and was blown away at everyone's acceptance and willingness to teach and share.

So I'm coming back with 2 more questions. Bear with me and thanks in advance!

1) Why are you personally bullish about BCH still? Personally I think BCH is more Bitcoin then um… Bitcoin core. Lol. Blows my mind that Bitcoin core didn't turn into BCH like Satoshi envisioned. Etc. BUT, despite being inferior, Bitcoin core won the whole perception war. My feelings are that despite being better, BCH won't ever upend BTC. It's like the world moved on. Mich like how VHS was more popular than Betamax which apparently was better quality.

So what keeps you believing that BCH is worth, well, believing in and investing in?

2) Proof of stake, as used by various new blockchains seems like a much better concensus system. Proof of work seems like it's sort of an outdated method. What am I missing here?

All the new Ethereum compatible blockchains are Proof of stake. Vitalik Buterin pretty much improved Blockchain and what it could do. So why don't Proof of work networks upgrade to this new system?

I know a common retort is nodes, or the network being "more secure" but isn't the security of Ethereum adequate?

The old Proof of Work blockchains don't seem like they do anything other than suck a tonne of power and um … keep a ledger. Which yes is phenomenal, but Ethereum can do so much more.

What is your take on this?

Thanks in advance. Just trying to learn and listen.

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