BitcoinCash 2022 Q1 metrics overview

I thought it would be interesting to summarize the more interesting metrics of BitcoinCash in the first quarter of 2022. If you would like to see something added, please let me know. (I recommend viewing through the www. or new. reddit front-ends as those embed pictures contrary to old.)


Number of transactions:

BitcoinCash number of transaction – 2022 Q1

BitcoinCash hashrate:

BitcoinCash Hashrate – 2022 Q1

BitcoinCash Blocksize:

BitcoinCash Blocksize chart – 2022 Q1

Number of active addresses:

BitcoinCash Active Addresses – 2022 Q1

USD sent / day:

BitcoinCash Sent in USD / day – 2022 Q1

Average transaction value in USD:

BitcoinCash Average tx value USD – 2022 Q1

Market capitalization in USD:

BitcoinCash Market Cap – 2022 Q1

My take aways:So far this year brought continued stagnation and depression in most regards, based on the charts it seems BTC loyal SHA256 miners and market manipulators have been heavily suppressing the price in the first months as hashrate rises and value transacted coincided with degrading value, this later seem to have scaled down. I believe the price suppression worked and successfully steered away interest in the network generally. A big contributing factor is that the crypto markets still lack any fundamentals currently, most interest comes from price speculators with 0 interest in fundamentals and utility. Overall we need to do much better to break out from this trend and decoupling from the shit-show.

Enjoy! Tips are welcome. 🙂

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