BitCoinCash Accepted In Lebanon

The First Sucess

I did not know anything at all three weeks ago , a Freind intorduced me to digital currency BitCoinCash , i started browsing everything related to this currency and started to get it for free through the platform , also getting more informations and discovering a lot on , i liked the idea beacause it made things easier for me but the only problem in my country is that there is no system through wich you can pay with digital currencies.

So i decided to change the situation and started telling everyone around me about the benefits of BitCoinCash because in my opinion it is a good solution , specially in the crisis we are going through, so my tours began.

Its a bit hard and tricky to make business adoption in lebanon , specially that most of people have trust issues when it comes to money , after bank seizing all people's money, but i didnt give up and continued what i decided to do.

The past couple days were so excited, trying to manage a meeting with owner of clothing store.

Today while im sitting in home preparing to get a nap in afternoon, the owner called me on the phone and asked me to pass over, we met and had a long discussion about Bitcoincash and the simplicity it can add to our daily life.

i start taking some shots for the store, and the owner went to print a ''BitCoinCash Accepted Here " than i went back home and start editing the video.

The First Store In My City , or i can say First In my Country in general , from North to South , receives digital currency as a payment method.

My self and anyone can make the first purchase of clothes and pay through BitCoinCash.


The Crazy and most amazing thing is that the shop owner is one of the Coolest!!!

Created A Short Humble Video , I hope You Like It

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