Last couple weeks, diving into BCH world and crypto in general. Lost into the rabbit hole of this world. Spending time into HOLD ON! Whats with the dot cash thing!! And where am i ! lol – where have i been living !! feels like i just woke up from a coma! A critical collective coma where most of lebanese suffer.. inflation, corruption, banks cease all money accounts..strikes, and much more thats all we have now… But ! if i add to them what i just discovered in the past days and the potential of Bitcoin cash.. Well its like I just traveled to another reality. .that's alot of new info! I am just so excited to be involved. I just want to ride the wave. I'm still new in everything but learning step by step about the potential of BCH and how i can use it in my daily life. I'm so excited! ** realizing that few Lebanese accounts are active. And much fewer in the physical world know about BCH. Someone must do something! Someone must start somewhere!. I will start with what I have-and will build my way everyday. All i can do right now is adopting bitcoincash into my life.. As i saw BCH is so bendy and flexible. STARTIN by selling my fishes and accept bitcoin cash as payment. I would never thing that someday i can earn cryptocurrency by fishing loool.. Now i can convert/ swap fish with BCH 😀 and that's just the start

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