Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard – Release V0.4.3

The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is an internal tool designed to provide our Merchants with powerful reports and features to manage their Merchant crypto gateway.

We’re pleased to share the latest updates to Bitfinex Pay. For more on Bitfinex Pay, please refer to

Merchant Dashboard


  • Auto-convert history has been added to the “Wallets” menu. This new panel allows merchants to see previous auto-convert operations along with some useful information, including price at the time of conversion and fees. Also added a filter by token and by date (max 100 days).


  • The label of “Pending” has been updated to “Payment started” in “Invoice History” in “Invoice Details”
  • Now the amount paid is shown next to “Payment started” in “Invoice History” in “Invoice Details”
  • Event icons have been improved in “Invoice History” to look better in dark mode
  • Very low negative amounts now show “0” instead of “-0.00000000”
  • Error message improved when trying to manually generate an invoice with an amount lower than 0.1 USD equivalent in other fiat currencies
  • Improved the format of amounts in the “Dashboard” menu quick stats to look more clean
  • The merchant feedback button has been moved to the left side of the screen to avoid it overlapping on top of buttons and information
  • Auto-convert modal text has been extended to include more details about how it works
  • Dust balance setting in “Wallets” is now remembered between sessions
  • If the service is unavailable (500), now we show a specific new screen 
  • Improved error message when trying to mark an invoice as completed using a deposit that was already linked to a different invoice
  • Company logo upload requirements have been updated, including limiting the type of files to PNG and JPG and limiting the max size to 10Mb


  • Fixed a design issue causing the date filter in “Invoices” and “Payments” to extend over the borders on smaller screens
  • Fixed various translation issues
  • Fixed an issue causing some advanced White Label options to not be applied to invoices
  • Fixed an issue showing the wrong invoice expiration date on some end-customer emails

End Customer Payment flow


  • The overlay doesn’t cover the top of the invoice anymore when a user goes to “Pay with your Wallet”
  • White label settings are now correctly applied in the “Pay with your Wallet” menu
  • If the service is unavailable (500), now we show a specific new screen 
  • If a user tries to find a specific invoice that doesn’t exist (404), we now show a specific new screen
  • Support for EIP681 addresses for USDt on Polygon has been temporarily removed to facilitate payments from Metamask mobile app until Metasmask fixes their active issue with this kind of addresses ->
  • Invoices no longer poll for updates when the browser tab is not visible
  • Added token logos on QR codes when making a “Manual Payment”


  • Fixed a typo in the U2F screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused some invoices to crash and disappear from the UI

Landing Page


  • Fixed various translation issues
  • Fixed a text labeling issue showing some unexpected strings

WordPress/WooCommerce Plugin


  • Order status now depends on the type of items sold:
    • If the item(s) in the order are “downloadable” and “virtual”, the order status will update to “completed”
      • If there are several items, all of them have to be both “downloadable” and “virtual” in order to become “completed”
    • Otherwise, it will be “processing”
  •  The plugin has been updated to version 3.0.0. It can be downloaded/updated here (requires WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin).

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