I noticed that during the last weeks, unidentified miners have been gaining control over Bitcoin Cash, now reaching >60% of its total hash rate.

This does not necessarily mean anything bad, as I will explain below. Blocks are still being propagated within the normal range of 6-7 blocks / hour. But unknown miners are able to mine more than 10 blocks in a row which is beyond the treshold of the running checkpoints on Bitcoin Cash and i am concerned a bit about this.

This could be great if it means more miners are mining solo instead of joining a pool, leading to more decentralization in BCH mining.

This could be bad if it is just one miner and he tries to gain enough hash rate to propagate more than 10 blocks in a row which they currently do achieve every other hour. It does not necessarily look like an attack though since block propagation is within the norm, and who would attack Bitcoin Cash mining with the normal speed?

In any case information is better than hiding it so I advice a bit of caution considering that currently around 88 of 100 blocks are being mined by miners that cannot be securely identified as being more than one entity.

Has anyone more information about what is going on?

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