$256B Assets on platform

that is even after the recent crash in all crypto assets. yet coinbase still has 2,782x more assets than Coinflex, yet Coinflex faked their volume to pretend they had even more activity than coinbase and other exchanges.

They are a fraudulent bucketshop and their numbers prove it. 92 million total assets for a crypto exchange is not much, yet they consistently faked their way to the top of trading volume leaderboards.

It makes sense companies doing 24/7 fraudulent wash trading would either gamble away customer funds or just invent reasons to exit scam everyone including smartBCH owners who have nothing to do with their company. They have no users, no reputation, just a no name bucketshop.

Smart BCH is over 12% of their entire exchanges assets, so in short they are liquidating all smartBCH users' assets and giving them to their exchange users. Even though these assets have nothing to do with their exchange. Their exchange has 0 assets so they are clawing all smartBCH assets to give their users 10% of their supposed deposits, which no longer exist.

TLDR: Using basic math 1 x Coinbase exchange is 2782 x Coinflex exchanges. So Coinflex is an irrelevant bucketshop who are exit-scamming/robbing SmartBCH users.

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