Hi people! I recently started investing in cryptocurrency last January 24, 2022. Sorry if this post is kinda long, I tend to lose my focus when writing and just blabber a lot. It has only been a few days. I researched about this kind of investment before putting a small amount from my saved allowance (I started with more or less 50$) which is already considered big in my country. I divided it into three, a portion in Bitcoin, a portion in Ethereum and the remaining in something called Chainlink, I can't see any big changes yet because it is still going down with everything and just waiting for it to bounce back. I am from the Philippines by the way and coins.ph is the app that I use as a crypto wallet.

So yeah, I saw bitcoin cash and the price is different from bitcoin. I am planning to invest my incoming 20$ in this.

I just want to ask some suggestions from people who have been in this field for a long time. Am I doing the right thing in investing with different types of currencies?

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