If on iOS, get it here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/electron-cash/id1359700089


The "stuck loading screen" problem has been fixed. Electron Cash iOS version now works again on iOS 15. The problem was due to Apple breaking and changing their APIs.

Unfortunately, I now lack an iOS 14 phone (I had to update my phone just to be sure I fixed all the breakage). What's more, Apple doesn't offer "historical" iOS versions in their dev simulators — all the freakin' simulators they offer are iOS 15+. So I set the app to only work on iOS 15+ when I uploaded it, because I cannot be sure it still runs on iOS 14 and earlier. If you are on an iOS 14 device, you won't be able to update it to latest (but your existing installed version should still continue to work).

Also in this release:

  • Fixed the server editor textfield in the network preferences to actually work
  • Also fixed the "max static fee" in the preferences to actually work.
  • Updated the app's internal checkpoints and server list

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