During the last month, we conducted a usability survey for the Electron Cash mobile wallets. We received 22 complete responses to the survey.

You can review the raw results here:

82.1% tested Android and 17.9% tested iOS.

Financial Disposition

Approximately $1050 USD in BCH was paid out for this initial round of usability testing.

$500 in BCH came out of the Panmoni/BitcoinCash.site budget to pay for testing in Caracas Venezuela, specifically the production of the over-the-shoulder videos.

11 additional payments were made from Panmoni/BitcoinCash.site for remote testing, totaling 0.93675216 BCH, approximately $550 USD.

0.65913062 BCH was donated via r/btc chaintips. Thank you u/dadoj, u/fshinetop, u/sanch_o_panza, u/ErdoganTalk, u/darkbluebrilliance, u/moleccc and u/rshap1.

This leaves a shortfall of -0.27762154 BCH which Panmoni/BitcoinCash.site will cover. Chaintips are welcome and appreciated to help us defray this expense.

My Analysis

This is only my analysis. Your analysis is very much welcome, needed and appreciated in the comments. Use the wallet and let us know. Review the raw data and share your thoughts please. It all helps.

  • The wallet is fast and basic.
  • The onboarding flow asks you to do too much without giving you enough motivation to do it. Asking people after the new wallet screen if they want a new wallet or to restore stumps them a bit. It sends you into a black hole without context. The UI of this is also a bit unconventional, as it essentially pops up a window, then pops up another one within that. It’s clunky.
  • How to send and receive on Android is far from clear.
  • The UI should be unified across platforms otherwise we have to create double the tutorials.
  • Everything is fine for power users but is very far from being newbie-friendly. Lots of complexity is exposed to newbies that overwhelms them.
  • There was some difficulty finding the recovery phrase. Having to go through the xpub to get the recovery phrase is unexpected.
  • If the request screen is open, and a payment comes in, there appears to be no notification. In fact, notifications in general seem to be broken or at least meaningless.
  • There is a request to create a self-hosted F-Droid repo which sounds like a good idea
  • There is a consensus that the UI particularly on Android is inadequate. Icons are unclear. Actions sometimes do the same thing. It is not newbie-friendly. Transaction list doesn’t show enough data and re-orders unexpectedly. The learning curve is too high.
  • Balance is not affected for unconfirmed transactions.
  • The addresses, network and request screens frequently confused testers.
  • There is a bug with the seed phrase word “car” on iOS.
  • SLP support was requested.
  • Multisig issues are reported.

Next Steps

The goal remains to give the Electron Cash mobile wallets an overall polish but not get too deep into the weeds at this time.

  • A competitive analysis is still pending in which we review other wallets on the market, contrast them with EC and extract best practices.
  • Examine app store reviews and extract ideas from there.
  • Identify the overall adoption strategy for this wallet, which will inevitably influence design decisions.
  • Generate requirements and define scope.
  • Have a UI/UX person or team create mockups of a new design so we can then get community feedback. Thankfully, we have Cameren on board for this.

The team for this project remains small, as does its budget. If you would like to join us, please reach out with your interests and qualifications to [george@panmoni.com](mailto:george@panmoni.com) or https://t.me/georgedonnelly.

Thank You

  • Thank you to the 22 testers, to others who have given feedback, and to those who waited patiently for their payments.
  • Thanks to Jonald for supporting this and to Cameren for giving me direction on how to get this going.
  • Thanks to Jose Araujo in Caracas who ran the usability testing there and produced the 10 over-the-shoulder videos.
  • Thanks to u/dadoj, u/fshinetop, u/sanch_o_panza, u/ErdoganTalk, u/darkbluebrilliance, u/moleccc and u/rshap1 for defraying the cost of the testing with chaintips.

Let's keep building Bitcoin Cash!

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