Hi Bitcoin Cashers!

It’s been a little over three months since the Electron Cash redesign Flipstarter was funded:


We’ve finished drafting ~80-90% of the new interface in Figma, just some tools and settings windows to go. Once that’s done, we will add basic functionality so that the design can be interacted with as a prototype, and I’ll be releasing a video covering the redesign when that prototype is made public for review and testing.

While the Flipstarter officially covered 3 months of funding, I will be covering our expenses until we have this prototype completed. I appreciate the financial support of everyone who pledged to the original Flipstarter, and I can’t wait to deliver.

Progress has been steady as we take this opportunity to refine and iterate on each part of the design. My hope is that we will release the prototype and video in the next 2 months.


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