People have always found a way to make their dreams come true, and fundraising online has been around to kickstart their businesses since 1997 nonstop. But even if your startup idea sounds incredible on paper, you might struggle to find support from banks, government grants, and even regular peer-to-peer loans.

This means that in case you want to crowdfund your idea, there are many legal quandaries to consider, like legal registrations, hiring of consultants, licensing, vicarious liability, and a myriad more issues.  However, this need led to the emergence of innovative projects such as MintMe that aim to facilitate the process and make crowdfunding finally available to everyone equally using blockchain technology and the creation of tokens. 

A crowdfunding solution with MintMe

In many ways, crypto has come to save the day. The system that gives life to cryptocurrencies contributes significantly to the usual banking system and financial services market, in such a way, that we can say, it has become superior. 

These systems operate as decentralized networks that do not require a central server and are resilient enough to not have a point of failure. The Internet alone is enough to manage all forms of transactions allowing everyone to be part of it without the need for a bank account, credit cards, or even financial recommendations. 

The functionality of the blockchain is also inherently transparent and operates with a high degree of confidence, all changes are visible by all parties, and transactions cannot be reversed or re-sequenced. So, why not deploy such technologies to ease your way into realizing your long dreamed project or give life to that spur-of-the-day idea? this is what MintMe is, a crowdfunding, token maker, and token trading platform fueled by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 


Decentralized fundraising through tokenization

MintMe allows content creators to create a coin that represents their brand or idea, and allows them to crowdfund their projects or services without having to worry about the chart investments, or having to tie themselves to the usual bureaucracy related to borrowing loans, every time their bulb lights up with a genius new idea.

It provides the opportunity to create a crypto token, or instead, purchase tokens with the brand of their favorite content creator and receive a digital representation of their investment, which they can later sell and trade on the same platform. Potentially creating a relationship between the content creator and their audience, both benefiting from the long-term success of said token.

One of the best features of MintMe is that it allows creators to interact and get to know their supporters through a social option, in this way they could offer value based on the people’s opinions, reviews, and comments about your proposal, services, or ideas.

Personal monetization and mutual support are the bases that build this service. Blockchain crowdfunding is not just another fundraising method in which people gamble their money away or blindly toss it towards an internet personality they like. Instead, it presents an ecosystem in which people could give on their own terms, and in exchange, become holders of a token that can regain value, or even create a coin for themselves. 

MintMe strives to promote its service as a mutual exchange and aims to distance itself from being labeled as a social-support system like those who are in vogue nowadays. Making fundraising and creating tokens an easy process where everyone can get ahead.

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