is a video and streaming monetization platform that uses bitcoin cash.

I did a lot of work on the live streaming functionality and it's a lot more usable and stable than before. I will be live streaming myself right now as a demo, playing World of Warcraft classic beta. I'll be using a bad camera/mic in bad lighting, but I did get myself a capture card so I can do a 60 FPS stream using 2 computers. Here is a link to the stream. (for now viewing live streams will only work in chrome or chromium based browsers) Check it out and feel free to ask me question. As of the time this post is made I will try and keep the stream going for at least 2 hours.

If you want to try and make your own stream you can go here you can also get there from the main page. For streaming options I've added functionality for multiple video/audio layers, screen capture and other video/audio options. If you want to stream game footage you can use the screen capture functionality if you want to play and stream on the same pc or you can use a capture card which gaze will detect as an input device if you have a 2 pc setup.

One other noticeable change I made is implementing a "moderation queue" and a "trust" system. This became necessary since a lot of unfavorable content started making its way into gaze. I would manually remove videos but I only check twice a day on most days leaving bad content on the front page for hours). I have started writing down rules for on the about page, . I've been adding rules mostly in reaction to what I see uploaded, so this section will likely grow and/or become more detailed in time. Now all anonymous videos needs to be manually approved before showing up. When a logged in user uploads a video it will be auto approved if their "trust level" is high enough, otherwise it will go into the "moderation queue". Trust level increases by uploading videos and getting them approved and decreases when rules get broken. I will tweak and change this system as I go along.

EDIT: I've just ended the stream, thank you everyone who came and checked it out and chatted with me via the stream chat. and thank you for the great tips tamarin!

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