Generating the right incentives for value to flow into SmartBCH

Good news everyone, we have now minted our Ki token on mainnet, and will soon be making our DEX available! We are now working on some easy-to-follow instructions and tools so that the code that we are providing on our repository can be easily verified by anyone. Our DEX is based on Uniswap, and everyone will be able to compare our code to their code and see exactly what was changed. We are doing things such as that we can inherit the security work and audits done on Uniswap.

DEFI is assimilating the finance world, and no other Blockchain is prepared to scale the way Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH can already scale today.

work in progress, EVM comparison.

The table above is being updated and improved by multiple community members and can be found here. If you would like to help improve it or fix something, please contact us on the SmartBCH telegram group.

The current fight between smart blockchains is reminiscent of the early days of computing where multiple architectures were fighting for survival, and where few were left after the market decided what works. Non EVM compatible smart chains have an uphill battle, code being needed to be written and security tested for unique architectures makes it costly and ineffective! I will wager that most of the non EVM compatible chains will eventually disappear, we may end with something similar to Intel VS Arm. EVM is already one of the winners, and SmartBCH takes it scaling to the limit, while still keeping it decentralized.

Value flows through the path of less resistance

As with energy, value flows through the path of less resistance, low fees are key to real world commerce and to attract and keep users. Our blockchain is prepared to scale and maintain fees low, long term creating the strongest network effect and the most value for our users.

small fees makes users and value flow into Bitcoin Cash. (Forgive my poor drawing skills).

We can do another important reference to energy when we realize we can apply the same performance per watt metrics that are considered on other computer industries.,every%20watt%20of%20power%20consumed.

We could coin the term, transactions per watt, Bitcoin Cash is certainly green, as we can easily deduct that we are the chain that by far can produce the major amount of commercial activity in relation to our energy consumption. A high number of Decentralized PoW transactions per Watt. The term would contrast not only the amount of value moved, but the number of transactions, meaning the most users are able to benefit from the blockchain and its energy transformation.

Incentives to move and stay as part of SmartBCH

An example of a great incentive for users to move into SmartBCH is FlexUSD, users being paid without any complexity to just hold a coin that they could also use at any time without any additional complexities, creates an important incentive that is attracting people into our ecosystem. We could further develop on this idea, for instance, FlexETH, sETH, coolETH would be regular ETH bridged and minted on the SmartBCH side, while at the same time it is added into a staking contract on the Ethereum side. The staking payments generated on the ETH staking contract are then sent to the users holding FlexETH/sETH/coolETH, on the SmartBCH side. Well-written contracts would mean extremely low risk, just as with FlexUSD.

incentivized tokens like FlexUSD, or the possible sETH are game-changers and create an incentive for users to move into Bitcoin Cash.

The new users and strong network effects from an increasing user base of diamond hands holders are certain to attract DEFI developers wanting to benefit from the activity in our community; further Generating the necessary conditions for value to flow into Bitcoin Cash.

The inevitable world adoption of billions of users for DEFI would result in most if not all EVM compatible blockchains working at full capacity. Because of fundamental design choices on SmartBCH, this will result in quick growth of the BCH value. It is very likely that it will always be more expensive to trade on ETH, or in BSC, than in BCH, so we are looking at more users, and more value on our blockchain. No other blockchain is better positioned for world adoption than Bitcoin Cash.

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