Last week many of you were surprised to learn that I was no longer involved with the company Bitcoin BCH Pty Ltd, and in particular that I had only ever been an employee of the company with no equity. Due to legal threats against me, I cannot say much about the company or the Flipstarter project. Radio silence from the company has thrown the Flipstarter project into doubt. Understandably, the people who cumulatively donated 30 BCH to the company are very disappointed.

Given my previous association with the company and this project, I have suffered serious harm to my reputation. Therefore, I have decided on a no liability basis and as a sign of my goodwill toward the Bitcoin Cash community, I will personally reimburse contributors with 100% of the funds (30 BCH) they donated to the company for the purpose of the Flipstarter project.

If you contributed to the Flipstarter project and are reading this message, please reach out to me through Reddit, Twitter or Telegram, and I will ensure you are fully compensated for the amount you have previously donated concerning the Flipstarter project. I will contact everyone on the list who is known to me, however if your contribution was anonymous you will have to contact me and provide a signed message as proof of your donation.

I’m sorry about how this ended, as the Flipstarter project is managed by Bitcoin BCH Pty Ltd. I must reiterate that I have only ever been an employee of Bitcoin BCH Pty Ltd and I have never had control over the expenditure arising from the contributions.

I am making this offer on the sole basis of protecting my reputation and with no admission of liability.

My reimbursements to contributors can be tracked in the following spreadsheet:

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