Hello all, so I’ve known about crypto for what feels like forever now BUT only today have I gone down what feels like to me is the rabbit hole…

So please correct me if I’m wrong but from my understanding BCH IS BTC before the fork and BTC that we know today is only BTC because some people chose that version to be the one that got the ticker and all the popularity and how the only reason BCH is suppressed heavily is because of it being looked down on (Block wars Etc.) and, the popularity/Spotlight BTC took and BTC being a store of value on top of this Tether BS and how it is propped up by counterfeit money (Tether) which is a balloon ready to pop. Also a lot of talk about BCH flipping BTC lmao

I’ve read off and on about BCH for about a year now and thought about buying it but after seeing it hit damn near 800$ and just slowly decline. I’ve recently decided to start investing (since it’s cooled off a little) Honestly BCH is a gem in of itself but I just have a hard time understanding why BCH has fallen so far, everything about BCH is damn near perfect to me, I guess it just needs it’s spotlight.

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