I had a conversation with imprisoned Silk Road founder's mom


Hello, I am a Physics/Neuroscience PhD student, following Ethereum for several years.

I interviewed Lyn, the mother of Ross Ulbricht. Ross built the first bitcoin-powered dark-web market Silk Road. This was all new 'criminal' tech at the time, and the US govt. sent him to maximum security prison for two lifetimes plus 40 years, without parole. But he still keeps up, and regularly writes about crypto and DeFi from prison.

Part 1 is a talk that I arranged Lyn to give at the University of Texas at Austin. She presents her view on the case of Ross and Silk Road, and the misuses of law she thinks the US govt. carried out.

Part 2 is a one-on-one conversation we had on my couch. Lyn shares her experience of Ross' trial, her views on US amendment violations, digital snooping, prisons and the drug war, and lessons from her activism. Then we talk about Ross the person: his upbringing, philosophies, affinity for eastern spirituality and meditation, and how he's been doing in prison.

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