Text to Image fun for BCH is a telegram group where we explore the new text to image neural networks like Dall-e 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

If you have brownsed /r/bitcoin recently you might have seen a lot of these




These are all creations created by Text to Image AI. In the last couple of months gradually the three main apps are opening up for the public.

The main three ones at the moment are


Stable Diffusion


I have created a telegram group where people can have fun exploring these and more specifically work together on art that is Bitcoin Cash related.

So if you are interested feel free to join.

I (Kain_niak) am a artist myself, mainly a musician but I also write short scifi stories. However I can't draw and never had the money need to spend on a guy that can just for fun. But now I can use the AI to generate album art, or visuals for my music, or even turn scifi short stories in to a comic.

In this technology appeals to anybody for experimentation come join us and let's have some fun.

Also keep in mind that there will soon be an NFT explosition of these things, why hire an expensive artist for your NFT collection when you can get the AI to do it for you for a lot less money.

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