During several years, I held both coins because I fell between two stools.

On a fundamental level, I will admit I always felt more aligned with the BTC vision where the focus was on store-of-value and decentralization and I never thought it made sense to store each coffee transaction, or twitter post on all the nodes of the network. I would have loved a balanced approach like Segwit2x that could have become segwit4x or segwitNx a few years later.

However, my heart was with BCH. I liked the debates on this chan, the absence of censorship, and an alternate vision to scaling. The HK agreement felt to me like a betrayal by Core and I was happy to see a new team starting a competing experiment.

At an investment level, I always admitted that I didn't know which vision would prevail and not having all my eggs in the same basket seemed smart.

That was 5 years ago… And much happened since then :

  • BCH never found a true identity and I don't know if it will ever find one. Is it bitcoin? Is it another coin? it depends who you ask. The main reddit still is r/btc, many people here are angry that "bitcoin".com highlights btc while also allowing to purchase other coins. 5 years laters, that seems very naive. And for new comers, this identity thing is probably confusing as hell and a big turnoff.

  • The BCH community has become more toxic than ever. Sure there has been a lot of censorship on r/bitcoin, but a least, the rules were written. In this chan, most of the posts that dare question BCH aspects get downvoted to limbo. At some point, I even wondered if people like Egon_1 were not employed by Core. What better way to discredit BCH that have BCH reddit front page filled by hate (and sometimes lies) every single day ?

  • In the light of the several forks and all the drama on BCH (Craig wright, Amaury, … ), I'm also now wondering if defining some clear vision for a coin and being very conservative towards change, like core did, was not in the end the right approach

  • A strong competition on the "scale on chain" vision is born with other coins like BNB, SOL, ADA, and soon Eth2…. They provide near instant transactions, low fees and already good usage. One can wonder what are the remaining BCH differentiators ?

  • In the last years, the BCH Maxis seems also to have become, on average, more aggressive than they were in the past. They don't stop repeating that there is no more code development and no more devs on BTC and that everything is vaporware. That also brings discredit because anyone can open the "competing" coin github and check pull requests and merged code (and also see all the backports of core code to BCH…). Same goes with many BCH proponents repeating as parrots "Moore Law" when it comes to discussing the mathematics behind scaling not acknowledging or not understanding that it is much more complex than that.

Because of all of this, I finally decided to greatly reduce my BCH exposure and to spend less time reading this chan. There are many smart, talented and balanced people in this community and I wish you all the best. I don't close the door at coming back to BCH one day if it manages to reduce the hate and exist by itself and not by opposition to others.

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