How can someone read this and still believe BTC has any future? (Real question)

It feels so pointless to spend so much energy (pun intended) in developing a whole second layer to just have to increase its block size in the future. It makes all the 2017 war even more stupid and a waste of time…

"10 Block Size Increases and Consensus"

"If we presume that a decentralized payment network exists and one user will make 3 blockchain transactions per year on average, Bitcoin will be able to support over 35 million users with 1MB blocks in ideal circumstances (assuming 2000 transactions/MB, or 500 bytes/Tx). This is quite limited, and an increase of the block size may be necessary to support everyone in the world using Bitcoin. A simple increase of the block size would be a hard fork, meaning all nodes will need to update their wallets if they wish to participate in the network with the larger blocks. While it may appear as though this system will mitigate the block size increases in the short term, if it achieves global scale, it will necessitate a block size increase in the long term. "

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