Hi everyone! I'm a newbie when it comes to the world of crypto so I apologize in advance if the questions and the topics are redundant.

Unfortunately, I live in a poorer 3rd world country where everything related to the banking sector is banned, and we have no way to send and receive money online. So I thought crypto could be my only way out..

I currently take care of ~12 cats in my neighborhood. They are all outdoor cats, some of them were raised at home and abandoned by their owner due to the economic crisis.

People are keep coming to my neighborhood and abandoning their pets near where I live, so they won't feel guilty to let their pet die in the street, since they already know that I would take care of them if I saw them

As you can probably guess already, I'm absolutely overwhelmed with all the expenses. currently unemployed and been paying for food and vet bills out of my own pocket.

Essentially I would like to have a gofundme alternative that works with cryptocurrency, to help me out a bit in supporting my cats amid the economic crisis my country is going through.

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