Can we produce multiple blocks at same height on regtest for testing similar to

I tried running 3 regtest nodes on different ports, maxmempool as 5,7 and 10, two of them had onion addresses and all were connected. I created some large transactions and lots of small transactions to fill the mempool. Finally tried to create block with generatetoaddress on multiple nodes simultaneously. However there is no latency and everything updates quickly.

AJ had shared that mempool inconsistency affects compact block relay and it could be one of the reasons for frequent stale blocks. There are several things that could be involved like full rbf, patch to block inscriptions, mempool limits etc. However I want to see if mempools of some nodes in the networks are full because of using default size and others aren’t, would this increase the probability of stale blocks?

This is mempool chart for last 2 years with stale blocks marked on top. There could be more reasons and full mempools seems to be one of them:


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