I colleague of mine at work that only follows crypto casually and only holds a little bit, mostly to play around with, told me that he wanted to try one of the crypto casino sites around. He took a little ETH and deposited at the casino site. He wasn't aware of the high gas fees before he realized that $20 worth was gone and he only planned on playing for a few $ worth. He was surprised that ETH was crappy as payment just like BTC is.

I showed him BCH, and he was like – "Well, that works. Why are people still peddling around with that other shit?" to which I replied "Good question. It's a long story. Perhaps for a day where we both have more time.". He said "Yeah sure, okay. But I am gonna convert whatever I have left to BCH, 'cause that ETH is just as shit as BTC" (he tried using BTC before, since he got paid a little BTC for freelance at some point).

Anyway, the point of this post is, that the strongest way to market BCH is teaching normal people to use it. They will never go back to the other "shit"-coins 🙂 …simply, because why should they?

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