So after I opened an account and I provided both my cellphone number, my ID front+back and of course every other information that was asked so kindly from me, it was time for me to also send a selfie which should be taken by their built-in microservice that asked me to take one with my smartphone's camera.

I am not exaggerating when I am saying that I took maybe 100 selfies and the service simply wouldn't accept the shape of my face for whatever reason, perhaps according to binance's ai system I am an alien.

Long story short I never managed to verify my account, and their terms of services say that they have every right to keep my information for as long as they want.

I never used any CEXEs before I always got my crypto from services like paxful/merchants or ATM's, this experience convinced me fully to never even try to use one of their services again.

What's ironic is how we are supposedly using crypto to escape the tiresome ordeals and protocols of the banks and the governments, yet when I tried to make a simple binance account, I faced the same tiresome-protocols I face with every other bank.

It's really starting to look to me like CEXEs are no different to banks at all, and I am wondering why anyone would entrust them with their wealth.

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