So today I spent yet another hour reading the usual illogical, toxic, and dishonest spew from BTC Maxies, and noted the big stories that are being censored in rBitcoin and rCryptocurrency. It occurred to me that the people who own a cryptocurrency are stakeholders, who have Skin in the Game. I recently read Nassim Taleb's book of the same name ( and I feel it's relevant to this situation. Taleb's thesis is very simple: to incentivize equitable growth, strive for symmetry and risk sharing. Those with skin in the game will behave rationally to avoid losses which will improve the greater good, without the need for laws and regulations. Coincidentally, this is precisely what we've all been part of creating in the BCH community, because

The Majority of BCH Stakeholders are MERCHANTS, NOT Crypto Redditors, MoonLambo Maxies, or Wall Street Hedge Fund Schnooks

All of the businesses all over the world that accept BCH, especially in Townsville Australia and St. Kitts, are all invested in the BCH project. These are mostly people who have been convinced to try a new fast and effective payment method. They don't care about blocksize limits, blockchains, KYC law, price fluctuations, Tether, proof of work algorithms, hashrates, difficulty adjustments, emission schedules, central banks, or Forex markets. But they all have skin in the game: they want BCH to succeed, they risk losses if it doesn't, and they share in gains if it does succeed. BCH merchants want BCH to succeed as a payment network, and an argument can be made that it is already succeeding!

So here's a "champaign" toast to all of the world's BCH merchants 🍾🥂. Thanks for believing in the best new payment system the world has seen! MAP:

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