Miners are not only maintaining their ground, but also drastically boosting their hash rate, according to a variety of mining measures. According to a research by Arcane Research, publicly listed BTC miners are always seeking for ways to expand, since they expect to boost hashrate higher than the whole network by 2022.
According to the latest numbers from the Cambridge Bitcoin electricity usage index, North American miners account for 44.95 percent of the worldwide hash rate. It's anticipated to rise, given the enormous predicted increases in goal hash rate among publicly listed Bitcoin miners. They don't have to sell their Bitcoin to acquire additional machines, expand their rack space, or do anything else.
They could head to the capital markets and receive the money they need to keep expanding. As a result, they are able to hold big Bitcoin positions. I think this will drive the price of BTC up, plus the entire crypto market with it, so I’m stacking up BTC, along with ETH, Solana, SocialGood, Avalanche… projects that have proven their purpose in the industry.
Bitcoin has proven to be too big to fail and will keep increasing with value as more people invest in it as digital gold. Last year, many theorized the rise of BTC to 100k$. Do you think it’s possible this year?

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