Recent updates and optimizations to the Bitfinex mobile app

We are pleased to present Version 3.48.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes a new advance order type called Scaled Order and new chart features that will enhance our user’s mobile trading experience.

Download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app below:

You can also download the Android Application Package (APK).


  • Addition of full screen charts
  • Addition of advanced order type called Scaled Order
  • Addition of “Visible on Hit” option in the Order Form when Limit or Stop limit order type is selected
  • Addition of animations to Santiment charts
  • Flash Return Rate (FRR) delta is displayed within the FRR in the Taken Detail pages


  • Improved app startup time
  • Users can now search for pairs on the Tickers based on the currency names (e.g. searching “bitcoin” will display pairs such as BTC/USD and ETH/BTC in the Tickers)
  • Addition of new icons for Avalanche (AVAX), Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN), Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC), Dragon Token (DT), Gate.IO (GTX), Hermez Network (HEZ), Native Utility Token (NUT), and XinFin Network Token (XDC)
  • Removal of icons for Abyss (ABYSS), Aelf (ELF), Content Neutrality Network (CNN), Credits (CS), Raiden Network (RDN), Rate3 (RTE), Seer (SEE), SingularityNET (AGI), Universa (UTNP), and VETRI (VLD)
  • Ethereum (ETH) and the ETH/USD trading pair will now appear as favorites in the Funding and Trading Tickers, respectively
  • The Amount field in the Order Form now shows a maximum of 6 decimal digits
  • Updated translations for Russian as well as traditional and simplified Chinese

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue of table sort preference resetting when a user changes language
  • Fixed width of Log In and Sign Up buttons
  • Fixed issue that allowed users to circumvent PIN check by switching between apps
  • Fixed issue of users being able to enter non-numeric values (e.g. commas) in the PIN Code entry field
  • The Wallets tab can now show negative balances
  • The maximum length of a group’s description on Bitfinex Pulse is now fixed at 160 characters

The above changes have been suggested to us by our active user base.

Feedback from our customers is incredibly valuable to us. Please share your user experience and help us to continuously optimize the Bitfinex mobile app.

To share your feedback, complete the Bitfinex mobile user app survey or join the Bitfinex Telegram channel.

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