The first game is a multiplayer RPG (Role Playing Game). Basically, you control a game character and try to level up different attributes and find rare items. You can own a house in the game but lose your private key to someone else and that person can go into your house. You want to be a melee warrior or a mage spellcaster? It’s up to you. The game is heavily inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” series and so you’re likely to encounter characters from the series. You will also encounter characters from the Bitcoin Cash’s Hall of Fame.

If you’re not the type of person to roam the world alone, then the second game allows you to recruit troops and roam the open world. You can build different types of buildings and setup your base the way you like it. The objective is world domination, like Bitcoin Cash.

If you’re too lazy to roam around the world and just want to go straight to the action, then the third and forth game allows you to create your own Kingdoms. Wage wars against other Kingdoms managed by other players while forge alliances with fellow Bitcoin Cash folks. Don’t like the Bitcoin Maxis? Request your alliance to go after their Kingdoms! Let’s see which cryptocurrencies will dominate the leaderboard!

The third and forth game should be similar, except one is set in the medieval era while one is set in the modern era.

Obviously, the information here doesn’t describe the full games. Lots of details are missing. And most important of all, these are simple social games. Do not expect professional AAA budget games. It’s just a way to socialize and introduce new people to Bitcoin Cash in a fun way.

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