Hey so I've been trying to set up a PayPal style non-custodial BCH donate button on my site, but this is proving surprisingly difficult…! I can easily set up a PayPal donate button but that's not what I'm interested in.

My point is this – if BCH is about increasing adoption and creating a 'circular economy', shouldn't setting up a non-custodial, PayPal style BCH donation button be an easy thing to do by now?

I'm relatively tech savvy so I can set up a simple WordPress site but finding a way to set up a seamless bch payment processor which actually lets you log the payments and maybe take reference info etc, is… not forthcoming.

The best option I've seen is prompt.cash but it's not obvious to me how I can set up a payment gateway where the user sets the amount themselves (i.e. make a donation). All the options seem to be for fixed amounts i.e. for an e-commerce website.

There's also paybutton.org where you can set up a donate button easily but there's no way to log the payments or get any email notifications when a payment is made etc…

What do you guys think about this?

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