You may recall the user u/GersonArellano who was posting requests for BCH for an animal rescue project.

Yesterday I removed a post asking for money to help an animal and asked him to please refrain from begging. I then checked his post history. The last post he had made was a month ago – a successful Flipstarter to raise 4 BCH for a 5-day BCH awareness event to be held April 1. He promised video. He had posted none, instead, his next interaction with the sub was this new post for more money.

So I asked him to please show me any evidence that the BCH he had raised in this sub had been put to the use intended. Instead of replying, he deleted his account.

I don't know what if any malfeasance here has transpired, but I'd like to remind everyone to please use healthy skepticism when contributing money to anyone on the internet.

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