A new OpenBazaar would be great! But I do not trust it for the reasons below. I will edit or delete this post if I am shown evidence to the contrary.

TLDR; this new project is suspicious.

First of all, they published a new app. But AFAIK, OB1 never released the code for their android app 'Haven' beyond an inital commit. This would require some work to make it publishable on another google play account. They have not shown any of this work

So apparently the devs ctrl+c/ctrl+v an entire android app. That might be believable if we saw the code they're claiming to use.

The reason people were able to trust Haven at all, despite not having access to the code, was because the developers had doxxed themselves.

If Haven ended up doing something sketchy like steal money or leak data, there would have been actually flesh and blood people to hold accountable.

But this "Haven 2.0" has been published by apparently anonymous developers.

The only way to trust an anonymous developer is if the code is open source.

Another red flag: They have made a total of 9 changes to the main OB desktop codebase. 9 commits for a project this size is strange. I've quickly glanced at them, and there is almost no substantial change aside from updating external links, donation addresses and other superficial things.

To properly take over this huge code base, there would be more than 9 changes that would need to be made.

This makes me think the dev team is either incompetent, or something more nefarious is going on.

I will be staying away from this project unless these questions are answered.

Edit to add, former OB1 dev u/Chris_pacia said :

I haven't personally worked on it but I have consulted with them quite a bit. They have been working on it a while.

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