The Bitcoin price has gone up a lot over the past year, so why not prove that the new economy is better than the old one by giving some of your gains to worthy causes? This year, /r/Bitcoin is a sponsor of The Giving Block's #BagSeason event, and the first ~12.155 BTC in donations made on this special page will be matched from the /r/Bitcoin ad fund. You can donate to any of the hundreds of charities supported by The Giving Block, and /r/Bitcoin will match it.

(There are also significant tax benefits to donating crypto.)

Let's change the world for the better! Donate here. Make sure that you donate on that specific page, or your donation won't be matched. Whether or not you donate, let us know in the comments which charities supported by The Giving Block you think are the best.

About the ad fund

In 2010-2011, the previous top mod of /r/Bitcoin collected BTC donations with a vague idea that this BTC would be used to promote /r/Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin itself using AdSense ads or something like that. About 22.5 BTC was collected, at the time worth less than $300. When he resigned and made me top mod, he also gave me the MyBitcoin account containing the ad fund. (I luckily moved the BTC out of MyBitcoin right away… a few weeks later they ran away with everyone's BTC.)

In the past, some of the other mods used parts of the ad fund to promote /r/Bitcoin by sponsoring some eSports tournaments and by buying some Reddit ads. But I was personally never very interested in the whole ad fund idea, and there haven't been many other people interested in spearheading ad-fund projects, so the remaining ~12 BTC has been sitting around collecting dust for the past several years. I decided this year to finally empty the ad fund, and this donation sponsorship/matching event seemed like a good way to use the BTC for something worthwhile while also maintaining the spirit of the ad fund.

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