The Leading Online Art Gallery for Emerging Artists Completed the Public Sale of its Debut NFT Avatar Project

SANTA MONICA, Calif. Leading online art gallery Saatchi Art, completed its first-ever NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, ‘The Other Avatars.’ The public sale went live Monday, January 24, 2022, selling out in just 20 minutes. The collection featured 2,500 non-generative art avatars inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s iconic self-portraits. The avatars were designed by 150+ emerging artists hand-selected by Saatchi Art’s world-class curation team.

Saatchi Art

“We’re so pleased with the outcome of our first NFT project. It was an incredible process working with artists, both new and experienced in this space,” says Wayne Chang, General Manager of Saatchi Art. “Following the success of ‘The Other Avatars,’ we’re currently working on new NFT projects for 2022. The team is excited to present new drops to our buyers with innovative features and themes that stay true to Saatchi Art’s mission of democratizing the art world.”

Added Sean Moriarty, CEO of Leaf Group, “this highly successful sale is a strong proof point to the value that Saatchi Art’s professional curators bring to the crowded NFT art space and its ability to create unique opportunities for both collectors and artists alike. We’re excited to continue to explore this fast-growing space and see a number of possibilities across our Leaf Group portfolio of media and commerce brands.”

With its trusted reputation for selling original artwork online, Saatchi Art will also offer a selection of physical artwork versions from ‘The Other Avatars’ collection to complement the digital artwork. This collection will launch February 2022.

NFTs from the collection are now available for purchase on the secondary market through OpenSea.

For more information on Saatchi Art’s ‘The Other Avatars’ and upcoming NFT dropsvisit

About Saatchi ArtLeading online art gallery Saatchi Art features one of the world’s largest selections of original art and helps people all over the world find art and artists they love. The online art gallery offers original paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs by over 100,000 emerging artists from over 100 countries. Saatchi Art is redefining the experience of buying and selling art by providing art lovers with free art advisory services and an expertly curated selection of art, while giving artists a convenient and welcoming environment in which to exhibit and sell their work. To discover the world of Saatchi Art, please visit

About Leaf GroupLeaf Group Ltd. is a diversified consumer internet company that builds enduring, creator-driven brands that reach passionate audiences in large and growing lifestyle categories, including fitness & wellness (Well+Good, and MyPlate App), and home, art & design (Saatchi Art, Society6 and Hunker). Leaf Group is a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC). For more information about Leaf Group, visit

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