goes live with NFT + Sneaker Collection by Richie Range creating the ultimate collectible sneaker.

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Announcing the launch of a new NFT platform and studio. NFTLX partners with designers, artists and brands to create and collaborate their work into NFT collections. NFTLX is hosting the first-ever digital + physical NFT launch on the Flow blockchain and allows users to experience a combination of digital NFTs that are linked to a delivery of physical goods.

NFTLX’s genesis drop on December 15th is an exclusive interlacing of digital and physical items. Closed Source (‘ClosedSrc’), including Sneaker Legend Rich Franklin (aka Richie Range) and the team behind the digital sneaker platform WANTD, created an incredible mash-up sneaker for the drop. Richie Range has a long history in the streetwear world, creating one-of-a-kind sneakers for today’s top celebrities, athletic teams, footwear brands and everyone in between.

The first collection will feature 100 highly coveted mash-up sneakers designed by ClosedSrc in collaboration with Richie Range. The ClosedSrc team took inspiration from the highly coveted Union x Air Jordan 4 ‘Off-Noir’ and reimagined the Dunk silhouette. Each NFT + custom sneaker, which is built off a base authentic Nike sneaker, will be individually numbered from 1-100. Included in the drop are 5 special edition NFTs that tie-back to the numbers of famous basketball players. The sneakers will include an NFC tag linking to the authenticated numbered NFT. The special edition shoes will include premium moment NFT as well as luxury packaging and an exclusive colorway sole.

When you buy an NFT from the first drop you will get

1- an exclusive NFT, numbered 1-100

2- a physical custom-made sneaker (free shipping internationally included)

3- an NFC tag inside the tongue of the shoe that links to the sneaker NFT or a premium moment

4- an unlockable rare skin component for the second ClosedSrc drop

The first drop also gives the buyers 24 hours priority access to the second drop as well as a luxury skin component for the second drop, which will be revealed within 7 days of purchasing the first NFT. The second drop on the platform with ClosedSrc, scheduled for January, will launch a Sneaker Design Lab, where you can design-your-own sneaker by collecting components (e.g. tongue, laces, etc.) and swatches, such as snake skin or cheetah print, to create your ultimate dream NFT and sneaker. Upon minting the components into a shoe NFT, the physical sneaker will be produced and shipped to you.


NFTLX is an NFT content studio and platform. NFTLX believes in the metaverse and are building assets for consumers to experience and play with for the future. Built on the FLOW Blockchain, NFTLX are a part of the Flowverse ecosystem and an official partner of Decrypt Studios. Contact Press at

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