"Remember that earning $0.05 in Bitcoin Cash when it's low in price is much better than when it's at the top."

So I had to think of more ways to earn #BitcoinCash and I feel like noising it to you guys.

Some of you maybe familiar with some but I know many Noisers will find the list useful.

  1. K.im – a digital content distribution and monetisation platform.
  2. Lazyfox.io – earn BitcoinCash by completing small tasks.
  3. WorkingforBitcoins.com – a freelancing platform. You can hire and get hired and pay or get paid with #BitcoinCash
  4. Coingigs.net – a freelancing platform. If you have any skill set you can monetize it here to earn BitcoinCash.
  5. BCH.games – a gaming platform. You can follow them on Twitter here mobile.twitter.com/BCHdotgames they do a lot of giveaways.
  6. Purse.io – a #Crypto cashback platform where you earn 15%+ discount when you shop on Amazon with BitcoinCash.
  7. Juungle.net – an #NFT Marketplace on the BitcoinCash Blockchain.
  8. Member.cash – a fully decentralised social media platform.
  9. Freelancers for #Coins (freelanceforcoins.com) – a freelancing platform. You get paid BitcoinCash or other cryptos for doing skilled tasks.
  10. Read.cash – a blogging platform that pays creators for posting original articles, images and videos.
  11. Noise.cash a microblogging platform that pays content creators for posting short posts.
  12. Cashrain.com earn just by like and retweeting the tweet What are your favourite ways to earn? Did I miss any? Have you tried any of these? What are your experiences with them?

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