Thanks to all posters for providing great content!

The top posts since the last payout (~1 week) have been tipped 1 US cent per vote, or 8833 sats per vote.

For an explanation of Subtipper and how it works, please see this article.


Winning posts:

BTC and the End of its "Store-of-Value"… What's left? by u/Egon_1

[tip] – 26499 sats = 0.00026499 BCH = ~0.03 USD


Tips not claimed within 7 days will be returned to the Subtipper fund and tipped out to future posts.


To support this bot, help spread Bitcoin Cash, and encourage great content in the r/btc community, tip this post using Chaintip by including u/chaintip in your comment!


Note: this payout event was triggered by block 744816, which was mined more than 3 days since the last event and has the last three hex digits of its hash (joined as a number) strictly smaller than 7. The BCH price at the time of activation was $113.21

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