I have been reading this sub nonstop for about a week. Thank you for the people here who gave me the resources to understand Bitcoin. And I finally understand what happened with Blockstream. They completely fucked Bitcoin! Therefore Bitcoin doesn't work very well for making payments. But the mods on their Reddit just cover it up by bullying and banning people. Their Lightening Network they recommend really sucks. I tried it and couldn't do anything with it. I asked about their illogical recommended DCA investment strat and just got downvoted and insulted. I suspect they're just feeding noobs into their "whale" schemes. None of what they say makes sense. I don't think they're stupid people so I suspect they are keeping their story going so they can make money off peoples' backs.

Which brings me to my point. If everything Bitcoin Reddit is saying is a lie, doesn't that mean Bitcoin is actually a scam? I understand that the underlying technology might be sound. But everything on top of it looks like lies. Or are there Bitcoin people who are honest and just make money spreading this technology? I can't seem to find them.

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