It has been falsely claimed that the moderators of this sub engage in suppressing objective facts about Bitcoin Cash.

In response, I am posting and stickying the entire list of objective facts which it is claimed that we suppress, to dispel any notion whatsoever that these facts are being suppressed but in fact are widely known, understood, and shared on this sub.

  • FACT: BCH has experienced a continuous decline in price since 2018 (mostly true)

  • FACT: BCH has a low adoption rate compared to BTC (mostly true based on # txns and total volume moved)

  • FACT: BCH-evangelist Roger Ver was convicted of a felony 20 years ago (in 2002)

It is further claimed that the following are facts, but they are in fact opinions or untruths. However I will repost them here in the full light of day anyway, because sunlight is the best disinfectant:

  • BCH has a low level of development effort and engineering quality

This is an entirely subjective opinion. In my opinion, BCH has a high level of development effort including 4 distinct full node reference clients, DS proofs, CashFusion, a slew of performance optimizations that enable efficient processing of large blocks up to 200 MB, and many more innovations unique to BCH. More painfully, it was a BCH engineer who discovered the worst bug in BTC / Bitcoin Core's history, and instead of exploiting it and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, made a white-hat report instead)

  • BCH mining is centralized

This is an unprovable claim, usually claimed because of the high percentage of anonymous miners who mine BCH. In reality we can't know how many miners mine anonymously, but in general the same miners who mine BTC blocks also mine BCH blocks. If you consider the charts for BTC mining distribution and BCH mining distribution, you'll immediately notice the conspicuous absence of four major SHA256 pools present on the BTC chart but absent on the BCH chart. Those pools are Foundy USA (22%), Binance (11%), Slush (6%), and Luxor (4%). Combined they would compose 42% of BCH hashpower, the vast bulk of "unknown" mining on BCH. Considering the substantial abuse levied at mining pools who support BCH it is unsurprising that these pools would choose not to announce their participation in BCH hashpower security.

If there are any other objective facts about Bitcoin Cash that its detractors (or supporters) would like the world to know, this is a fine place to enumerate them. In fact, please feel free to post objective facts about any Bitcoin variant. This is the uncensored Bitcoin sub. We welcome open discussion of objective facts here.

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