By Shilpa Dhar, VP of Product

  • Introducing an instant, convenient way for your friends and family in Mexico to cash out the crypto you send them.
  • Initially, recipients in Mexico will be able to cash out crypto in local currency at over 37,000 locations across the country, or save the crypto they’ve received in their Coinbase account.

In 2020, immigrants and expats from around the world sent approximately $700 billion from the US to their family and friends back in their home countries, according to the World Bank. But many challenges exist with today’s traditional cross border payment offerings: sender fees can reach up to 6–7%, and recipients can only receive funds as cash in their local currency so they don’t have an option to save, grow, or protect their funds from losing purchasing power due to currency depreciation.

Coinbase has long presented a way to instantly send crypto (including stablecoins such as USDC) to family and friends anywhere in the world for free, and to allow recipients to invest in any of the 100+ cryptocurrencies that we support. Today, we’re introducing the ability for recipients in Mexico to cash out their crypto holdings in their local currency. The lower price of sending and cashing out crypto and flexibility in how to store funds will allow recipients to keep even more of their money.

Instantly Send Funds And Cash Out

Here’s how it works: customers today can already instantly send crypto to recipients in Mexico directly from their Coinbase app. Once sent, the recipient will receive a notification and can immediately view the crypto balance in their Coinbase account. From there, the recipient can choose to cash out or save the funds in their Coinbase account. If they choose to cash out any part of their balance, they can generate a redemption code from their Coinbase app that can be used to receive cash at 37,000 physical retail outlets and convenience stores located across Mexico. If they choose to keep their funds on Coinbase, they can simply hold the crypto asset they received or convert and invest their balance in any of the 100+ cryptocurrencies that Coinbase supports. That includes USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, which will help the recipient hedge against any devaluation of their local currency.

Free through March 31st

Coinbase customers in Mexico will be able to cash out their crypto using this new service free of charge through March 31, 2022. After that date, customers will be charged a nominal fee that’s still 25–50% cheaper than traditional cross border payment solutions.

We recognize this is a global issue. And while we’re starting in Mexico, over time we’ll consider other regions where customers face similar challenges.

Coinbase’s mission is to increase economic freedom around the world, and this new product is core to enabling that mission. We want to make it fast and easy for users to send crypto to anyone in the world, and allow recipients to participate in the cryptoeconomy. We’re just getting started.

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