I really appreciate each and everyone of you on this sub. I just tried to post some question on another subreddit and my post was automatically removed for merely trying to ask a question. I mean, who does that and what’s wrong with asking questions if you are new to that coin?

But this sub has been so friendly and open to everyone and every post including some of the harshest critics and insults. This sub just invites everyone and accepts every opinion. I really respect that.

I think that is the true spirit of Bitcoin and a decentralized currency. We don’t censor anyone and we invite everyone. We support a currency that just works without any tricks or lies like a lightening network. We are the layer one solution as intended by Satoshi Nakamoto in his Bitcoin white paper.

We have the truest and purest form of Bitcoin. And it’s for everyone in the world including the poorest of the poor who can’t afford to pay a heavy fee or wait for weeks to send money like BTC. Our BCH just works without charging a lot of fees, it works instantly, and it is so easy to use by just sending BCH on its layer one blockchain. No gimmicks or propaganda like a fictional store of value that resembles a pyramid scam.

Keep doing what you were doing and someday we will have millions of adoptions around the world. I am sure BCH will be remembered as the true Bitcoin in the end.

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