Automated trading strategy generates returns of over 74 percent on the year

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireTradery Capital (the ‘company’), an artificial intelligence-powered, sentiment-driven crypto and digital asset trading solution, is excited to announce its results for 2021.

Richport, the company’s proprietary fund, was able to use its best-in-class trading technology to generate returns for 2021 of 74.5 percent, a significant improvement over Bitcoin’s returns of 57 percent on the year. Even more notably, the company’s worst-performing month saw a loss of 11.8 percent in December versus losses for Bitcoin of 35.4 percent.

“We are thrilled with how the company has performed over the past year and couldn’t be prouder of the results we achieved on behalf of our clients,” said Michaelangelo Anglero, co-founder and chief business officer of Tradery Capital. “This further proves that automated trading solutions can play a valuable role in anyone’s investment portfolio.

”These returns came on the heels of the company outperforming Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2020 by 32 percent, seeing single-digit losses during those three months, while the company was down 16 percent. In another example of how predictive methodologies enabled the company to hedge against downside risk, the fund saw losses of only 2.5 percent in May 2021 while Bitcoin dropped 35.4 percent.

Tradery Capital was first launched at the beginning of 2018 under the Tradery Labs name, which has since become the parent of the rebranded company.

About Tradery CapitalTradery Capital is a San Juan, Puerto Rico-based asset manager that oversees a proprietary investment fund and works with other firms in the industry who are looking to take advantage of predictive algorithms that automate the trading of digital assets. The company’s world-class team of technologists, data scientists, and mathematicians create unique trading strategies that empower investors. Tradery Capital is the Ai-powered investment manager for the free world.

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