Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn is the latest sports celebrity to swallow the orange pill. In a Twitter thread, he shared his best of Bitcoin (BTC) education while welcoming the Bitcoin class of 2022. 

As well as instructing his fans to digest his reading list, “no excuses. Get it done,” Quinn said that “under no circumstance do you take orders from the mainstream. They are confused.” 

He backed his statement with a swathe of media reports and headlines from September 2017 onwards showing large institutional players such as Visa, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs making a U-turn on Bitcoin.

The most potent 180-degree switch is Jamie Dimon’s JPMorgan. From the CEO lambasting Bitcoin in 2017, the world’s largest investment bank now promotes Bitcoin as an investment vehicle:

In a word to the wise, the Olympian also suggested avoiding “moon-boys.” Typically cryptocurrency YouTubers and influencers, moon-boys encourage risky trading techniques in the pursuit of Lamborghinis, or more recently, showing off a nonfungible token to their followers. Instead, Quinn suggested:

“Dollar cost averaging your Bitcoin position with a long time horizon (not using leverage) is the play.”

Quinn joins a budding list of Bitcoiner sports bros. From NFL stars and NBA champions taking their annual salaries in Bitcoin to humble Bedford football (soccer) club putting “Bitcoin at its heart,” the competitive world of sports is a hotbed for Bitcoin adoption. 

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Quinn began tweeting about Bitcoin in early 2021, completing one of Michael Saylor’s “Bitcoin for everybody” online courses in Autumn last year. He has since become a vocal supporter of Bitcoin while indubitably overlapping with self-promotion.

The Twitter thread by “Coach Quinn, Bitcoin Class of 2021” was well received by the Bitcoin Twitter community, as well as his 19,000 followers. Cory Swan, founder of United States-based Swan Bitcoin, retweeted the thread, saying it’s a “great thread for Newcoiners!”

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