A generous person sent me a little bit of BCH, like $1, on a post about why BCH should’ve been relevant to Elon Musk and AFAIK I never been chaintipped before. Perhaps a month or while ago I may have been but I didn’t know what it was until now. Can’t find it.

Downloading and claiming through the Bitcoin.com wallet was smooth and quick. In my opinion tipping people is the best way to foster adoption and make people fond of the coin they receive, and BCH’s technology is perfect and built for that. I don’t know why BCH is so oppressed if the community is supportive. I’ve heard of read.cash for earning in this purpose but here on Reddit it shows me that if people genuinely like my post enough to tip, then it makes me feel welcome.

So yeah; coming from a person who couldn’t afford to buy as much BCH as I wish, thanks a million.

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