Title says it all, yesterday converted my last crypto assets to more BCH.

Reason for me is simple: I’m tired of crypto. I don’t want/need 20 more different tokens, I just want a digital currency which I can use to pay, receive, and save. The other day I was thinking about it and it is pretty clear to that in a hundred years, if humanity still exists, BCH will still be around as well. I can’t say that with certainty about USD, EUR, GBP, or any other government issued currency, and I don’t feel comfortable with having my money in the hands of a bank. I’ve been around for a long time and have experienced almost any crypto out there (in the top 200 at least), none of them come close to BCH in terms of ease-to-use. Also, I feel comfortable with BCH actually trying to scale to a point where anyone can use it’s base layer without it being a privilege for the rich. This is the bitcoin I fell in love with in the early days, and I still love today regardless of price. On top of that, I have enchanted privacy (cashfusion) and (EVM) smart contract usability (smartBCH, and soon CashTokens). So why would I even need anything other than? For me they serve no purpose, and I am tired of speculating in these markets. I just want to enjoy life and spread the good news of BCH.

So from today on you could call me a bitcoin maxi (but the ticker is $BCH).

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