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John: Hi! I’m John Moriarty. I run the Bitcoin Out Loud YouTube channel, and I’m managing the redesign of the Electron Cash desktop user interface.

Jenny: Hi! I’m Jenny Lin, and I’m the UX Designer for the Electron Cash desktop redesign. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been up to!

John: Improving the UI was one of the deliverables from the 2020 Electron Cash Flipstarter campaign. Initially, the scope of the redesign was relatively simple: make the smallest changes that would create the largest impact. I recently brought Jenny onboard because, in order for this project to be worth the time and effort, we need to redesign the interface from the ground up with the user experience as a top priority.

Jenny: With an intuitive, accessible interface, we can make Electron Cash the perfect introduction to Bitcoin Cash, and a gateway to its more powerful features. We are committed to seeing this through, because we believe it’s impact will be invaluable. We want the Electron Cash experience to be seamless for everyone.

John: We intend to enhance and complement the existing features with the redesign so that new users find them obvious, and existing users find them even more useful. In this video we’ll share some preliminary information, our work so far, and our plans.

Jenny: First, we conducted an informal heuristic analysis. In this kind of analysis, you perform an app’s most common tasks and then identify conflicts in the experience with a set of heuristics. Feel free to pause to read through them all.

John: We did our best to organize our analysis in this chart, which you can also find in the video description.

Jenny: Next, John and I will evaluate our findings and begin prototyping. Throughout the process we’ll be conducting usability testing so we can refine the design.

We look forward to sharing our progress along the way!

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