The standard slot-focused casino has several payment options available for its customers. These include debit cards and popular E-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill. With debit card transactions, the card details must be entered in the casino cashier section of the gambling site – click here.

Card information can be stored on-site, or re-entered, every time a deposit is made. If the card information is stored, then customers still need to enter their CVV number, which is the last 3 or 4 digits on the back of the card, if they want to complete a successful transaction. This and other information are also needed to make a casino slot site withdrawal. 

With E-wallets, no banking information is required, especially if players hold funds in their E-wallets that are separate from banking funds. All that is needed here to make deposits and withdrawals, is an e-mail address and the E-wallet password itself. 

Crypto Slots

Casino Security 

All online casinos invest in bank-grade security software, to ensure that they and their customers remain safe and secure. Cybercrime is a major problem, and these criminals are constantly trying to discover chinks in the armor of online security software. 

Cryptocurrency casinos do not require players to enter their banking details on-site, as cryptocurrencies bypass banks altogether. This appeals to casino brands because less can be spent on on-site security and it is far less likely that customers dealing with cryptocurrencies can become victims of fraud. 

What Is a Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrencies were introduced to the world in 2009 and as of September 2021, there are now 6500 different cryptocurrencies that are being traded across the globe. These currencies have no physical form and only exist digitally; each transaction is registered using blockchain technology which is thought to be extremely secure. 

Bitcoin is the most used of all the 6500 cryptocurrencies and this is despite Bitcoin suffering some major stability problems during its brief history. 

Cryptos and Slot Sites 

The gambling industry always likes to keep ahead of the rest when it comes to trends. Whether it is technological trends or new currency trends, this industry likes to take risks. So much so, that in some parts of the world, there are already exclusive cryptocurrency slot sites that only welcome those who are willing and able to deposit using these currencies. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice, but some casinos accept other cryptocurrency payments as well. 

In the UK, crypto casinos are few and far between, but all need to comply with the UK Gambling Commission rules that have been set out for all casinos, and the format of cryptos makes this difficult to adhere to. 

Future Prospects 

With more people becoming interested in the idea of bypassing banks and dealing in cryptocurrencies instead, slot sites must consider that cryptocurrencies will one day become the norm around the world if interest continues to grow amongst the public. This would then mean that casinos will have to cater for these currencies in the future if cash is slowly phased out. So, expect to see far more cryptocurrency casinos soon.


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