There are a lot of new people in this sub and in the crypto space in general, you may hear this get thrown around from time to time. I believe this conversation while taboo now will only grow and marks a historical moment in Bitcoin's history.

When the design of Bitcoin (a peer-to-peer electronic cash system) we all loved in 2017 nearly died, the community and miners split into two seperate blockchains. One blockchain strayed from original design by relying on a trusted third party in order to function as intended (Bitcoin and Lightning) and the other remained consistent by sticking to the whitepaper and scaling on chain, not requiring a trusted 3rd party to function (Bitcoin Cash).

When you operate on LN, you are giving some trust to the nodes you have channels with as well as the lightning developers who will push it on you.

By technicality and other reasons, the less by design fork became Bitcoin, the more by design fork became Bitcoin Cash

It's similar to when Ethereum forked away from Ethereum classic and retained it's name. However, when Bitcoin (the design/essence/soul w/e you wanna call it) forked away. It didn't keep it's name, that name was hand-chosen to the other chain which designed away from Bitcoin.

When you hear people say Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin they mean that it's the closest currency to what Bitcoin is by design, not that it is literally the other fork labeled "BTC".

TLDR: it is said that BCH is Bitcoin by design whereas BTC is Bitcoin by technicality.

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