Link to the working paper "ARE CRYPTOCURRENCIES CURRENCIES? BITCOIN AS LEGAL TENDER" by Fernando E. Alvarez, David Argente, Diana Van Patten, published by National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA

Main quote for this discussion (formatted into bullet points for easier reading here):

In terms of bitcoin itself, the main reasons people do not use it are, in order of relevance, that users:

  • do not understand it

  • they do not trust it,

  • it is not accepted by businesses,

  • it is very volatile

  • and it involves high fees.

I thought it could make for an interesting discussion for how this relates to Bitcoin Cash and the experience people have had in building voluntary adoption in other places in the world.

There is one giant problem with the whole premise of the working paper, I think, and that is that people who are using "Bitcoin" on Chivo wallet, are not really using Bitcoin. So the premise is a bit flawed. But some insights from the survey might still be useful to us.

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